How To Dispose Of Carpet

How To Dispose Of Carpet

Options Available To Dispose of a Carpet Responsibly

Do you want to dispose of your old carpet? Are you looking to do so in a responsible manner? Many homeowners at some point need to get rid of their carpets to either install new ones or invest in alternative flooring solutions.

Trouble comes in when you have no idea how to dispose of the carpet you no longer want to use. This should no longer be a problem because there are several options available for a person who wants to know how to dispose of carpet responsibly and these include:


There are two options you can consider when looking to work with retailers. One, you can contact the shop where you bought the carpet from and ask them if they have a take-back scheme. The second option involves asking the shop where you will buy your new carpet to help with the removal and disposal of the old carpet. Most stores will provide some sort of services but what they bring to the table and the rates vary extensively. View our carpet range here.

Carpet Fitters

If the retailer you are working with does not offer disposal services, you can ask your carpet fitter to help you dispose of this item. You should be prepared to pay an extra fee for the service. Make sure the fitter you choose holds a waste carrier’s license because it is illegal for them to get rid of your carpet without the proper licensing from the Environment Agency.


Recycling is another answer you have to the question of where can I dispose of carpet. You can contact the local council to see if they avail recycling services. You can also check the Reuse Network to see if you can identify an organisation in your area that takes carpets.

Offering It To Other People

You may be surprised to learn that someone else may be interested in your old carpet. You can work with charity shops or websites like Freecycle where you can give your carpet away for free. If you do not want to give it out for free you can also sell it to interested parties. Websites like Gumtree, Facebook, eBay, and Marketplace offer platforms where you can advertise the carpet for sale. Buyers may have to travel to your home for collection; thus you can take advantage of this if you do not mind strangers coming to your place. You must also be prepared for disappointments because some buyers may change their minds once they view the carpet.

Dispose of Carpet in a Skip

One of the queries that come up when a person is looking to dispose of their carpets is can you put you carpet in a skip? This is another option to consider as long as you have enough carpet to fill it.

If the carpet has seen better days, you can dispose of it by using it for gardening, lining ponds, protecting your vehicle’s windscreen from frost, or as bedding for pets.

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